Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Solutions for Basement Floors

With 18 years of concrete and masonry solutions, Interstate Decorative Concrete Designs has been serving New England with the solutions to the recent flooding.
Many homeowners are still digging out of the damp mess. Their furniture and property has been damaged and turned to garbage, only a few things are salvageable. Walls have begun to grow the dangerous black mold. Carpets have soaked up and absorbed water, to create a perfect breeding ground for mold, fungi and insects. Wood floors have begun to warped and soon, will require removal. With all the time and money you put into it, you are hesitant to rebuild,... cut your loses and eliminate the living area. Not the best option.
What if your floor was still in tact? What if the bottom of the walls were made of moisture resistant dura-rock? What if your basement could flood, without causing any structural damage?
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>Decorative, Polished and Stained Concrete Floor
>Simple, Resurfaced Concrete Floor
If your concrete floors were polished or coated, than a wet vac and a mop is all you would need. The floors are coated with a 65% solid sealer to allow the concrete to breathe and prevent peeling. has been busy relieving homeowners of their problems with real solutions. Concrete basement floors are usually damp and humid. Wood and/or carpets are not the best materials to use in this environment. Concrete basement floors can be polished or resurfaced in many colors and designs. Cracks can be masked or incorporated into a design. Dura-rock can be installed to cover four feet from the ground. Unless the water rises four feet, you won't need to replace any of your walls. Dura-rock is surfaced with an acrylic concrete. These panels are designed and stained. These decorative panels will not delaminate and will resist mold. With the many design and color options, basement floors and walls can be coordinated to complement each other and last for you and the next occupants of the home.
Interstate Decorative Concrete Designs is truly leading the industry with their versatility and fast service. Every project is personalized to meet their clients goal and vision. Follow their adventures on facebook and receive valuable information on products and services. If you are in need of their services, don't hesitate to contact via phone or email. They are busy because they are dedicate to solve your frustrations and give you back a BETTER living space.
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